ID Watchdog Review (Updated for 2012)

IDWatchDog Review

In 2004 a group of seasoned credit professionals established ID Watchdog to respond to an increase in identity theft. They sought to provide unmatched protection services to consumers by enlisting experts on all facets of identity theft -- law enforcement authorities, judicial representatives, consumer privacy advocates, banking and credit experts -- to consult on the best means of combating this crime.

ID Watchdog strives to provide the most comprehensive identity theft service money can buy. The company uses a unique patent-pending monitoring system and offers a unique resolution guarantee. The Consumer Federation of America recently recognized ID Watchdog as one of the most valuable identity theft protection services available.

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ID Watchdog uses a combination of products to create the most extensive identity protection on the market, including:

ID Watchdog
This program features monthly monitoring of thousands of databases holding sensitive information. The program also features a 100 Percent Resolution Guarantee should a customer fall victim to identity theft while on ID Watchdog's watch. Customers also receive idCHECK, which lets them find out immediately if they might have fallen victim to identity theft.
With this program, customers receive a risk assessment, an identity profile report, a risk evaluation report, and identity protection resources.
Protection Combo
This program includes one year of ID Watchdog Plus full-service identity theft monitoring, detection and resolution services, as well as ID SnapShot.
ID SnapShot
With ID SnapShot customers receive a credit report, an extensive and detailed list of information associated with their identity (DMV, criminal history, terrorist watch lists, etc.), and a 20-minute consultation with a certified identity theft protection specialist.
ID Rehab
ID Rehab provides customers with a consultation with a certified identity theft recovery expert. ID Watchdog will also work with authorities and agencies to facilitate the restoration of customers' good credit.

Pricing and Cancellation Policy

  • ID Watchdog: $12.97 a month (with three-year enrollment); $14.95 a month (with one-year enrollment); $19.95 a month (monthly enrollment).
  • idCHECK: $9.95.
  • Protection Combo: $259.95.
  • ID SnapShot: $99.95.
  • ID Rehab: $99.95 (Class I - Financial Records); $199.95 (Class II - Civil and Personal Records); $299.95 (Class III - Law Enforcement and Government Records).

Customers may terminate any ID Watchdog service at any time by notifying the company. Termination becomes effective at the end of the current monthly, annual, or tri-annual term (as applicable). ID Watchdog may terminate any ID Watchdog Services at any time by notifying customers. Such termination becomes effective at the end of the current monthly, annual, or tri-annual term (as applicable).

Upon the effective time of termination by either the customer or ID Watchdog, all services and all obligations to pay for or provide ID Watchdog Services cease.

Customers must request termination of ID Watchdog PlusSM Services via telephone at the number appearing on the ID Watchdog website ( The telephone number is presently 800-970-5182, though customers should verify this on the website. No third party may terminate a customer's account. Customers will receive the confirmation of the cancellation by email, if an email address was provided.

Contact Information

Customers can contact ID Watchdog's representatives by telephone (at 800-970-5182) Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (Mountain Standard Time).


ID Watchdog delivers a solid product. But its limited customer service (the company is closed on weekends) and high price tag for some services make its competitors look more appealing to budget-minded customers. ID Watchdog's list of services is also not as extensive as those of some of its competitors.

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$19.95/mo with 15 days free

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