Identity Truth Review

Identity Truth Review

IdentityTruth, a privately held, VC-funded company that is based in Waltham, MA, offers customers individualized identity theft protection plans. IdentityTruth is headed by a seasoned and experienced Chief Executive Officer, whose previous entrepreneurial ventures have included the software companies Epicon and Ensim. Launched in 2007, IdentityTruth's investors already include Argonaut Ventures and Stata Venture Partners.

IdentityTruth's service aims to protect customers' identities by granting them access to free Experian credit scores, and creating individual customer profiles that include compilations and analyses of customers' credit data, which are continually updated. Within each personalized profile contains recommendations, warnings, and synopses with regard to customers' credit files and personal information. In addition to this main feature, further features aim to give customers insight, security, and peace of mind.

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Identity Truth Features

The Insight features reveal any threats to customers' identities:

Breach Alerts
IdentityTruth alerts customers of any data breaches, which could expose sensitive information to criminals. They also offer customers "what now" advice once an alert has been issued.
Individual Identity Profiles
IdentityTruth provides customers with their own personal identity files, which enable them to see if someone is fraudulently using their identities.
Advanced Notice of Potential Fraud
IdentityTruth's advanced technology warns customers of potential threats before they happen.

The Security feature allows customers to review their credit and financial information as well as track any applications made in their names:

Free Fraud Alerts
Customers have the option of enabling fraud alerts on their credit accounts in order to hinder any thieves from opening new lines of credit in their names. Once a fraud alert is sent out, creditors are required to contact customers verbally to confirm any actions taken involving their credit.
Credit Monitoring
IdentityTruth monitors customers' consumer credit scores, which include any critical changes or updates to their credit history.
Free Experian Credit Report
IdentityTruth provides customers with free Experian credit scores, and helps them to review and understand them.

The Peace of Mind feature protects customers' social security numbers, addresses and other personal data from identity thieves:

Identity Health Score
IdentityTruth uses this calculated score to inform customers of their risk of becoming identity theft victims.
24/7 Monitoring of Suspicious Internet Sites
IdentityTruth scans and monitors websites where customers' personal information may be potentially traded or used by thieves.
Removal from Junk Mail Lists
IdentityTruth eliminates customers' risk of identity theft by stopping pre-approved credit card offers and other online junk mail.
$25,000 Identity Theft Insurance
IdentityTruth will cover customer costs up to $25,000, if they should fall victim to identity theft. This cost includes lawyer, accountant or any other fees necessary to help customers recover financially.

Pricing And Cancellation

Current IdentityTruth specials include:

$17.99/month (regularly $19.99)
With the monthly option, customers must prepay the first 3 months of service, for a total of $53.97. However, they are charged $17.99 monthly thereafter.
$179.95/annually (regularly $215.88)
Customers are required to pay the year's subscription once.

If a customer wishes to cancel their subscription, they may do so at anytime via telephone with no further obligations.

Customer Service

IdentityTruth provides customers with an extensive online FAQ section as well as a toll-free customer service number that is available from 8 AM to 5 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. IdentityTruth also offers customers the option of contacting a support specialist through their online form.

Customer Service Number: 1-800-684-1336

FAQ and Support Specialist URL:

Identity Truth Summary

IdentityTruth's 3-in-1 service provides customers with a well-balanced identity protection plan at a great price. That being said, IdentityTruth does have some shortcomings, namely their limited customer service support, restricted access to credit files, and insufficient $25,000 insurance coverage. IdentityTruth's customer service is not available 24/7 to customers, unlike TrustedID and LifeLock, and they also do not provide customers with credit files from the other two major credit bureaus (TransUnion and Equifax) so customers are required to obtain those manually. IdentityTruth's identity theft protection insurance also pales in comparison to TrustedID and LifeLock's $1,000,000 coverage. Keeping the above drawbacks in mind, however, IdentityTruth does offer excellent fraud monitoring and online tools, and their service goes beyond the traditional ID theft protection services that mainly focus on monitoring customers' credit. Overall, IdentityTruth offers a great value, and is worth considering.

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