FreeScore Review (Updated for 2012)

FreeScore Review

A leading U.S. provider of credit scores, consumer credit information, and identity theft protection services, FreeScore allows consumers to access their credit information through secure, FreeScore-branded web pages, to track and manage their credit behavior, to identify and eliminate credit fraud and identity theft risks, and to gain competitive advantage when negotiating interest rates on credit cards and loans.

In 2010 the Web Marketing Association, an independent judging organization founded to "help set a high standard for Internet marketing and corporate web development on the World Wide Web," handed FreeScore the prestigious Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). FreeScore also took top honors for Best Financial Services Online Campaign. has become a destination site for an increasingly credit-conscious public. The site offers immediate access to credit scores and monitoring, as well as educational information and tips on how to safeguard credit and personal identity.

FreeScore reporting and monitoring benefits provide customers with the tools they need to supervise their financial and credit information. FreeScore does not, however, repair credit or offer credit clinics.

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Products and Services

Customers who enroll with FreeScore receive the following services and products:

  • 3 Credit Scores - free credit scores from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring - surveillance of activity at all 3 credit bureaus, including the opening of any new accounts in a customer's name
  • 3-Bureau Credit Alerts - 24/7 monitoring and notice of changes to customers' credit profile

Additional Benefits

FreeScore members enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Unlimited, toll-free access to FreeScore's Credit Customer Service team;
  • Access to licensed investigators capable of answering customers' questions about identity fraud and of helping to restore customers' identity to pre-theft status;
  • Use of FreeScore's Credit Score PredictorSM, which allows customers to create and compare custom "what-if" scenarios that could affect their TransUnion credit score;
  • Use of FreeScore's Insurance Score product, which includes a score and a detailed analysis of both an Automotive and Property Insurance Risk Score;
  • Access to a free annual Social Security Report;
  • Use of a complimentary Family Organizer CD-Rom from Kiplinger, whic helps customers to keep their family's personal information organized and safe;
  • Complimentary access to Locksmith Rebate certificates and a Lost Key Return service;
  • Access to FreeScore's online Credit Library, which helps customers to stay educated about all credit-related topics.

Pricing And Cancellation

Upon expiration of the free seven-day trial period, FreeScore charges customers $19.95 per month for every month of continued service.

Customers can reach FreeScore by phone toll-free at 1-800-316-8824. FreeScore does not charge customers who cancel within the first seven days. Customers can also cancel online by logging in to FreeScore and going to the "My Account" page. FreeScore does not refund any membership fees customers may have paid at the time of cancellation.

Contact Information

  • Physical Address: FreeScore, 9500 West Dodge Road, Suite 100 / Omaha, NE 68114-3331
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1-800-316-8824


FreeScore offers a product on par with other credit monitoring services. FreeScore does offer benefits that compare favorably to its competitors. FreeScore's seven-day free trial period exceeds those of other credit monitoring companies. Also, FreeScore's website includes an abundance of helpful information, making it one of the more useful credit monitoring programs in the market.

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