Find Out If Your Identity Has Been Stolen?

How Can You Find Out If Your Identity Has Been Stolen?

The best way for an individual to find out if they have become a victim of identity theft, is by monitoring their financial statements on a monthly basis, and by checking their credit reports on a regular basis. If a credit report is checked regularly, individuals may be able to limit the amount of damage done by identity thieves. For more information, visit the Detect Identity Theft section.

Unfortunately, many individuals learn that their identity has been stolen after identity thieves have done significant financial damage. Individuals may find out that they are victims of identity theft when:

  • Bill collection agencies contact them for unauthorized overdue debts.
  • When they apply for a mortgage or car loan, and learn that they have problems with their credit history.
  • When they receive something in the mail regarding an apartment they never rented, or a car or house they never purchased.

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