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Identity Theft Protection

  • Credit Freeze

    Credit freezes, one of the best ways to protect against identity theft, work by freezing credit files, enabling individuals to control who can access their credit scores.

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  • Stop Junk Mail & Telemarketing

    Junk mail, or advertising mail, issued by businesses include advertising circulars, catalogues, CDs, preapproved credit cards and other commercial merchandising materials.

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  • Learn What To Shred

    Identity theft can happen in many forms. One form, in particular, that is quite prevalent but easily avoidable is the procurement of sensitive documents from an individual's garbage.

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  • Combating Identity Theft: 13 Simple Strategies

    Identity theft burns more than half a million Americans every year, leaving them with wrecked credit that requires a lot of money and time to repair...

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  • Credit Freeze (Updated for 2013)

    A terrifically effective way of securing your finances against identity theft, a credit freeze does precisely what its name implies - it halts credit activity going on in your name....

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  • Types of Documents You Must Shred (Updated)

    A mutable crime, identity theft can affect you in any number of ways. Identity thieves, however, don't want to put themselves to more trouble than is necessary, so they generally...

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  • Fraud Alert

    Fraud alerts, which major credit bureaus attach to credit scores, work by requiring creditors to verify individuals' identities verbally before making any changes to those individuals' credit.

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  • Avoid Fraud And Scams

    Individuals of all intellectual capacities are vulnerable to fraud and scams because con artists are able to exploit their weaknesses, such as greed, charity, good faith and honesty.

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  • Other Prevention Tips

    Individuals should protect themselves against identity theft by protecting their personal information, especially highly sensitive items, like bank account and social security numbers.

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Identity Theft Detection

  • Learn The Signs Of Identity Theft

    Because identity theft is one of the leading crimes in the United States, individuals can never be too conscientious when it comes to detecting and avoiding it.

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  • Credit Monitoring

    Credit monitoring is the tracking of individuals' credit histories for any suspicious activity or changes. Credit monitoring helps individuals to detect credit related fraud and identity theft.

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Identity Theft Recovery

  • The Cost Of Identity Theft

    Identity theft can either cost victims very little money or a significant amount, depending on how quickly the victim takes measures to recover their identity.

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  • Steps To Clearing Your Name

    Clearing an individual's name after they have been a victim of identity theft is a challenging task. Whether an identity thief has used a victim's passport or other identification...

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